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Bike Tour across Delta-Po Natural Park!

Photo by jupiter55/iStock / Getty Images


oasi of cà mello

The Oasis of Cà Mello, located along the Sacca degli Scardovari in the Po Delta Natural Park, is the memory of a Delta of other times, when the old and nowadays disappeared Po di Camello flowed on the Isola della Donzella and lead to the lagoon. By biking you will enjoy the silence and see and listen to the sounds of nature, living the rural aspects of the territory.


oasi of volta vaccari

The Oasis shows a dense forest of willows, ashes and poplars within a floodplain that is also home to numerous species of passerine birds; it will not be difficult to see the characteristic Hoopoe or Spotted Woodpecker, but also ducks, grebes and herons.

The landscape is charming. Following the road that runs around the Station you can see the Pila Lighthouse, while across the river, on the branch between the Busa di Tramontana and the Sacca del Canarin, there is a small harbour with the fishermen's huts and a collection point of clams.

Photo by brickrena/iStock / Getty Images